Monday, May 2, 2011

blue flowers

watercolor: 8x8"
I tried hard to paint loose with these
 flowers  and am pretty happy how this
painting turned out. 


Azra said...

This is a great painterly approach to these pretty flowers.Well done.

Irina said...

Your intention to paint them loose turned great. It is so difficult, I know!

sidmar said...

Azra thanks alot , you always take time to encourage me.
thankyou so much Irina for stopping by.

Narayan Pillai said...

Painting loose is something that even I have been trying. You have managed to do it with this to a great effect. I love this one...great work!

NAV said...

Great and impressive painting

Ingrid Ormestad said...

They almost look like a very delicate Pen and Wash. Lovely! :)

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