Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Here is my new obsession:)Just learnt crochet a few months ago and having sooo much fun. Having painting block but thankgoodness it is a not creativity block, hope to share more of my crochet pics with you. this one is a throw about 50x64". Happy new year to all friends:)


Azra said...

Happy New Year Sidmar!! I love the colour combination in your throw, it looks so professional, you are a quick learner.xx

Nelvia said...

Ah we cross posted. I was worried about you since I hadn't seen anything in a while. This is beautiful and quite relaxing isn't it? Again I love the choice of color. I agree, might be different than painting, but it is creative and artistic. Can't wait to see more.

sidmar said...

Azra and Nelvia thanks for stopping by and comments.

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